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Students Rock Foundation is a charitable corporation based in the Northern California SF Bay Area. We provide scholarships based on financial need for students wishing to participate in performing arts enrichment programs not officially associated with a school district. Students Rock Foundation enables students to explore, learn, and achieve, in a variety of programs such as music, choral, theatre or dance and more.

Students Rock Foundation was founded by a group of parents whose families' lives were enriched by their participation in music, dance, theatre and other performing arts classes in the SF Bay Area. Since participation in these activities can be expensive and out of the reach of many families, we realized how important it would be to provide opportunities for those without the monetary means to enroll in performing arts enrichment classes. By bringing social and economic diversity to these programs, all participating students and families are enriched.

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Thanks to all of you who helped make the November 13, 2016 Students Rock Benefit IV such a big success. A special shout out to the Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse (Bob, Peter, Leah, Alice & Sam) and the musicians - Nat Keefe & Yosef Tucker (with additional Hot Buttered Rum bandmates Bryan Horne & Zebulon Bowles) , Kevin Beadles and his band (Steven Gregory, Bruce Linde and Chuck Nelson), and E'clair De Lune (Dennis Fortin, Dave Fischer, James Pickrel, Cote Reese & Danny Bittker) who gave of their time, energy and patience to bring us all together and without whom this event would never have happened. A big thank you to the many generous sponsors who donated items for our silent auction that allows us to doing what we like to do best: award scholarships. Some of our sponsors included Back Roads productions, Starving Musicians, Comal and many more.

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Scholarships are based on financial need. Students must submit a completed scholarship application which demonstrates an economic disadvantage, shows participation in an approved program and explains why the activity is important to them and their personal development. Scholarships of up to four hundred dollars ($400) but no more than 90% of program fees will be awarded to approved applicants on a first-come, first-served basis as available funding permits.

Students of the following enrichment programs may apply for scholarships:

Download Scholarship Application

Please submit completed scholarship applications as early as possible but at least 15 business days prior to the first class meeting.

Currently, eligible students may receive one scholarship award every 12 months.

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Jeanne Schuman, President
Rita Shaby, Vice- President & Silent Auction Chair
Jim Lyons, Vice-President
Jennifer Braun, Secretary
Pam Offner, Treasurer

We look forward to seeing everyone at our next fundraiser!

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Students Rock Foundation
PO Box 756
Berkeley, CA 94701-0756
Fax: 510-524-1016


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